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First winter sets for your baby

First winter sets for your baby


Many are the doubts that you have the moms in general (especially the gilts) when you have to prepare thefirst setsof your babies.

In this case, we will not focus on the baby’s basket, but on the first set of points for winter.

The first sets formed by doublet and Gaiters are the most used by most moms. They are usually with full opening in front or behind to facilitate the change of the baby in the first months of life.

Also very common are the first baby sets formed by doublet and culotte cotton or baby point. This type of garments are combined with leotards in winter.

It is necessary to highlight the baby’s skirts/batons, both in child and in girl. Used more than today. In the case of opting for this type of garments, they are usually for the exit of the hospital, photographic reportage or first weeks of the baby. In fact, in the first two months is when we usually advise using this type of garments.

If you like them, take advantage of that time to carry them as little princes.

And to combine all these types of garments we have some accessories that make these sets, some super special looks and beautiful, they are: the hoods and booties.

Currently, all this type of garments are usually coordinated with the trends of the season in both color and details of the garment.

The brands that have been working for years in the sector, have been updated and adapted to today’s trends at a colorful level, implementing as basic in their collections pastel colors, neutral and powdered.

Obviously, the colors considered as classics: Celeste, baby pink, white, beige continue to be represented in the brands that are dedicated to the first months of the baby.

We hope to have helped you with these winter garment options for newborn babies or first months of the baby.

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